With a great demand for quality virgin hair I decided to travel from the United States to India.  In November 2015, my travels took me over 8,000 miles from home to the Asian Region.  I then began a search for the purest form of Raw Indian Hair.  Our raw Indian hairs are made by hand not machine.  Our factory collects Raw Indian temple hair that is taken through a five-step cleansing process.  The hair is collected, sterilized, shackled, tracked, and cleaned.  Our hairs are sterilized and tempered free from any lice or parasites.  Providing to you clean, natural textured, raw Indian hair with a natural luster that is full of body.  Above you can view video from our factory and below pictures from our trip to India.


It is important to know that eighty-five percent of virgin hair on the market was originated from India.  Many hair companies in China purchase hairs from India where it is then taken back to their factories and processed.  The processing that occurs includes but is not limited to adding synthetic hairs, Chinese hairs, animal hairs and silicon.  Once these hairs become stretched the quality of the hair being marketed is greatly decreased.  These companies then add names as Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Brazilian, along with others to make the consumer feel as if they are purchasing a different type of hair.  This method of marketing human hair is false and the consumer does not know what type of hair they are actually purchasing.  Once that type of hair is installed it may tangle, look like plastic, only to last two to six weeks, sheds, and become stiff.  The remedy to not having this happen is to purchase Raw Indian Hair.


"This was my 1st experience with this style. I have been looking for years for someone to sew in short hair and she did an awesome job. Donna is a very friendly person and easy to talk to. I can't wait to see what she will do the next time. She has my business!!!!!"


Chonda Jenkins, Client


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